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Report by anonymous, 14 day ago, Ärgernis
Repeat call from 'Microsoft' - this time at 8.40am. How many postings about scammers like this before some regulatory body (does the UK have one with teeth?) shuts them down?
Report by anonymous, 16 day ago, Unsicher
They keep calling my 87 year old mother, who is confused. Her number is registered with TPS and I have told her what to say to them, but they keep calling.
Report by anonymous, 16 day ago, Neutral
Silence, I've blocked the number.
Report by anonymous, 17 day ago, Ärgernis
This is a scam call pretending to be from Microsoft. English sounding lady asked if I was the owner of the Computer. I said - "Oh goody, another scam call. I haven't had one of these for days! Go on then, give it your best shot - What's wrong with my computer?" and she hung up on me, which I thought was rather rude!!
Report by anonymous, 17 day ago, Nützlich
"I’m calling you regarding your computer, I'm from Microsoft". Yeh, right. As well as reporting it here why can't this number be traced and the people concerned prosecuted? My one sounded UK educated, Pakistan/Indian Asian to me but what's in a voice? Well, that narrows it down a bit! All it will take is a responsible telephone provider (do we have one in the UK) and a police force that can be arsed to take the initiative for once without the fear of being accused of being racist (a very convenient 'shout' from the unwelcome migrant criminal community - remember Rotherham?).
Report by anonymous, 18 day ago, Neutral
Tried ringing earlier and then I did answer a few hours later. Foreign accent, woman claiming to be form Microsoft calling about our computer. I said 'I'm not interested' and hung up. Not surprised to see the number reported in many scam records.
Report by anonymous, 22 day ago, Unsicher
It was Alice calling from Microsoft about my computer. I told her that I didn't have one and she hung up
Report by anonymous, 22 day ago, Unsicher
Called today after I had a similar call yesterday on slightly different number (from London area). Definitely NOT MICROSOFT as he insisted he was, but could not confirm he was MS except by me "turning on the pc and following his instructions" to show that my Microsoft software registration number was the same as the one he would tell me. This just would show he had illegally obtained knowledge. I have no idea why MS should have my phone number and record it to call me (against GDPR, preferences and tele marketing / cold calling laws). MS have never had or needed my phone number. Someone has been collecting various records from previous contacts with MS or by matching up data e.g. from Yahoo etc. data leaks,It was interesting that he wanted to speak to the person answering the call and not be transferred to the PC installer/admin which was me. Also said error was reported to MS at 0500 hrs when pc was sleeping. Windows logs show no activity at all for that time. Auto wakeup is already turned off on our PCs. Remote control is disabled also until such time as I might need it from trusted contact e.g. if I contact Microsoft personally.I ran full Norton scans, examined and cleared Windows error logs and turned off MS error reporting.
Report by anonymous, 22 day ago, Unsicher
while I was browsing an alarm call came across the screen warning me that I had a virus and gave me a number to ring and not to turn off my computer. I dialled 0808-189-4372, supposed to come from Microsoft, but when I was asked for my password I turned off my computer. Since then, 2 days ago, I have received 5 calls from 01302897519 even when told to BOG OFF.
Report by anonymous, 22 day ago, Unsicher
Definitely a scam call. I missed the first call they made, dialled 1471 and got the number. Tried phoning it back but got an auto message 'voicecomm mail portal'. I checked on the web to try and ID the organisation and found these entries about scam calls. Next time they called 27/06/2018, sure enough they said they were Microsoft. Working in IT, I know that Microsoft never make outbound calls like this. Also, Microsoft don't have an office in Doncaster. I told the caller that I wanted to be removed from her database and that she was calling to scam me. She immediately raised her voice at me. I told her that nobody in Microsoft would be so unprofessional in their attitude. She put the phone down. Sadly, I got another call from them today but missed it. Next time I will quote GDPR on them and I will contact the 'real Microsoft' to tell them what is happening. I did think about answering my phone as 'Bill Gates' and see what happens.
Report by anonymous, 23 day ago, Ärgernis
3 calls today already. Abusive.
Report by anonymous, 23 day ago, Ärgernis
Fed up of these calls
Report by anonymous, 23 day ago, Ärgernis
Phoned this morning 8.45. Caller did not speak and hung up
Report by anonymous, 24 day ago, Neutral
Today 14:30Somebody called Jacob who claimed to be from Microsoft. I told him to get lost and put the phone down.
Report by anonymous, 24 day ago, Nützlich
They called me a couple of weeks ago, saying my computer had a problem. I've heard of this scam and told them, not very politely, to stop calling. Now they call every day and just hang up. Flamin' nuisance, got to stop whatever I'm doing and answer phone.
Report by anonymous, 24 day ago, Ärgernis
Saying they were Microsoft --Such a nuisance---
Report by anonymous, 24 day ago, Neutral
This phone number rang me this morning asked for me by name said yes started talking about Microsoft and computer I said what computer he started shouting at me and got nasty i tried to tell I haven't got a computer he was nasty and shouting I was very upset and i said i am 80yrs old and don't know anything about them he slammed phone down hard
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Called, said he was microsoft and my computer had been hacked, treated me like an idiot so I just told him that this particular scam was so old I was surprised they were still trying it! I hung up. He rang back so I muttered an unpleaseant phrase and hung up!
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Ärgernis
l have had this number phone me up several times this month and when l do the 1471 to check who is calling its 01302 897519
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Its a scam, had this type of call many a time. Let him talk for about 10 mins, saying all about the problems with account. When he finished I asked if he was from Microsoft and he said yes, which I promptly told him I have a MAC and don't use Microsoft because its shit and they have all these issue. He hung up. They want you to let them get into your computer, don't be fooled, Microsoft would not call you for free, they would charge you !!
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Neutral
this number called 3 times today first time 8 30 am said he was microsoft hubby just hung up. 2 more calls but no one there when answered.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Scammer said he was from microsoft. I told him to eff off and that i would hunt down his family and kill them. All the while he hurled abuse back.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Scam beware
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Claimed to be Microsoft. Thick Asian accent. Very, very offensive when I didn't take the bait. Told me he was going to rape me immediately. I have no idea why the idiots say things like that or why that's going to make me do what he says.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Called twice saying they were Microsoft about my computer. I told then they weren't Microsoft and hung up. Definitely scammers.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Phonbe rang no answer, cut off.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Ärgernis
I answered but didn't speak. Nor did the caller. I hung up straight away. Nuisance.
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Unsicher
Microsoft again.I tolf him he was talking shit, he responded by saying 'i have your address' !
Report by anonymous, 25 day ago, Neutral
this number called at 8.35 am claiming to be microsoft, and if I did not follow instructions, they would be shutting down my internet today, because of all the trouble reports my computer is sending them, also someone is using my computer when I'm online and is downloading lots of info , that does not show on my machine because it shows on theirs.I hung up.
Report by anonymous, 27 day ago, Ärgernis
Long silence. Nuisance.
Report by anonymous, 27 day ago, Ärgernis
Pain in the backside do not take no for ananswer
Report by anonymous, 27 day ago, Unsicher
This number just rang me, male Indian voice claiming to be from Microsoft, told him my phone number is tracked and he immediately hung up
Report by anonymous, 27 day ago, Unsicher
I had a call from supposedly Microsoft, about hacker notifications they had received. I said I have 4 computers running Microsoft systems, all on different routers and IP addresses. Challenged several times to say which IP address they didn't answer. Scammers.
Report by anonymous, 27 day ago, Neutral
This person rang, told me about a computer from Microsoft. I have 4, so I simply said what computer, he took a long breath, I heard noises much like a tantrum on his desk, then told me he wasn't an idiot & he wasn't going to be spoke to by idiots. He also called me by previous owners name. Am used to G*bs***s but even this quiet rage made me uncomfy. Dread to imagine what it would have done to previous OAP tennant.
Report by anonymous, 29 day ago, Ärgernis
Called , creepy, just gave him harrassment because i read these whilst on the phone to him
Report by anonymous, 29 day ago, Neutral
Do. Not answer it
Report by anonymous, 29 day ago, Neutral
They called me from ‘Further Education’. The guy on the phone got reallly defensive when I asked where I got the info from. He said I must’ve applied for further education at some point recently. I explained the last time I enquired about further education was 8 or 9 years ago when I went to university - he said ‘I highly doubt that’ and put the phone down.
Report by anonymous, 29 day ago, Unsicher
Rang and left a minute long voice mail of just silence and breathing noise creepy
Report by anonymous, 29 day ago, Ärgernis
Called, some deep voice said 'hello' and hung up. Probably spam
Report by anonymous, 6 hour ago, Ärgernis
Answered and they didn’t say anything, said hello for 10 seconds and no response
Report by anonymous, 7 hour ago, Ärgernis
Keep calling - ignoring
Report by anonymous, 5 day ago, Ärgernis
This phone number called me. And I know it can sometimes take 1-2 contact centres to start talking, but I waited for around 15seconds, saying hello...but It was silent.I do not know if it called me by mistake, but I would have thought someone would have said something or at least a dialling tone after 1-2 seconds. I tried to call back, but it stated the number was not recognised, which I found a bit confusing, as it must be recognised as it just called me! Very odd

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1 Report, on 25 day ago
This is a scam Microsoft number


1 Report, on 27 day ago
Very arrogant caller. Revised to remove our number from his database, despite us being ex directory


1 Report, on 8 day ago
number keeps hanging up


2 Report, on 21 day ago
robocall - rings once then disconects...........................


2 Report, on 26 day ago
Called multiple times - ignored them each time.

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